$5,845,156. Latest Verdict.

$3,188,856.00. Plaintiff was the driver in a vehicle that a farm truck pulled out in front of. Plaintiff suffered a clavicle fracture, collapsed lung and ACL & PCL Tears. Attorney Fee and Client: Pending.

$2,656,300.00. Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that a farm truck pulled out in front of. Plaintiff suffered 3 fractures in his spine and 3 in his neck, resulting in several surgeries. Attorney Fee and Client: Pending .

$1,200,000.00. The estranged father of two young girls was killed in an accident by a drunk driver. Net to Each Child: $391,193.95, Expenses: $8,806.05, Attorney fee: $200,000.00. each child.

$325,000.00. Client was rear-ended by 18 wheeler sustaining lower-back injuries that required a minimally invasive surgery. Medical Bills: $66,212.65. Net to Client: $141,510.97. Attorney’s Fees: $108,333.33.

$525,000.00. Client in a vehicle that was hit head on by a drunk driver resulting in facial scar and fractures in leg. Medical Bills: $77,948.55. Net to Client $235,975.93. Expenses: $7,076.22. Attorney Fee: $210,000.00.

$285,000.00. Vehicle ran into client as pedestrian resulting in serious concussion and soft tissue injuries. Medical Bills: $31,510.00. Net to Client: $142,677. Expenses: $822.49. Attorney Fee: $100,000.00.

$400,000.00. Client rear-ended by 18 wheeler, requiring minimally invasive back surgery.
Medical Bills: $76,467.25 Net to Client: $162,239.34 Attorney Fee: $160,000.00, Expenses: $1,293.41.

$300,000. Pit Bull attack with disfiguring scars to client’s upper arm. (Pre-litigation costs were waived, attorneys fees $90,000, medical bills and liens $4,807.19, net to client $205,192.81.)domino

$650,000. Client was passenger in vehicle that crashed when driver fell asleep; suffered concussion and leg fracture. Medical Bills were $72,419.38, Net to Client: $360,913.96, Expenses Waived, Attorney Fees: $216,666.66.

$150,000. Pedestrian hit by truck while jogging. Client endured shoulder surgery. (Pre-litigation costs were waived, attorneys fees: $50,000.00., Medical Bills and Liens: $22,186.00.; net to client: $77,814.00.

$400,000. Client endured a wrist surgery and shoulder surgery after a van pulled out in front of him on a two lane highway causing a t-bone accident. (Attorney fees: $133,333.33.; Expenses: $6,217.00.; net to client: $155,202.87.)