Accident Attorney Texas

Tyler Thomas was Managing Attorney at one of the largest DFW personal injury firms and Partner at another top firm prior to starting Thomas. Having an attorney that has worked thousands of cases is what you need if you’ve been seriously injured in an accident. The legal world is extremely complicated; a non-experienced personal injury attorney can actually hurt your case in many ways. It’s sad to say that at a majority of the firms you see, you really don’t even have the attorney whose name is on the sign working your case and the majority of the time it’s not even an attorney. At most firms, you are just another name, because the attorney is there purely to clock in from 8 to 5. Mr. Thomas is not one of these attorneys. Mr. Thomas understands that your schedule is already hard enough having to work, and go to the doctor, and because of that he will work around your schedule and make sure that he is there when you need to talk or catch up on the case.

Along with being experienced, Mr. Thomas is innovative and energetic. Most seasoned attorneys just do the same thing over and over on every case. They don’t treat your case as a being a unique situation that happened to just you, they just use the same approach
time after time for client after client. In order to make sure you have the best experience and outcome possible, during a rough time in your life, Tyler works on each and every case and gives it the unique attention it deserves.

If you call Mr. Thomas on a Monday night or a Saturday afternoon, you’re likely going to catch him researching or working on a case. Energy and dedication is what you deserve on your case, not just an attorney with his name on the door who is golfing everyday and out of town every weekend, leaving all the work to non-attorneys that aren’t qualified to handle your case.