Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re injured in an accident, one of the most important decisions you can make is which attorney you select.  Every attorney out there makes the same claim, “we’re here and we care,” but rarely do you ever get a chance to speak with these attorneys; rarely do they prove to you that they really do care; and rarely do these attorneys actually work personally on your case.

Speak With an Attorney, Not a Secretary

When you’re a client at Thomas Legal, we are truly with you every step of the way.   If you’re already in treatment, we will call the doctor and monitor your case after every visit or procedure.  If you don’t know where to go, we will help you find the right doctor, chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, etc.   One of the easiest ways an attorney can hurt a case and significantly reduce the settlement amount, is by not paying attention to it and developing the case from the onset.

Experience, Energy and Innovation

Mr. Thomas believes that you always deserve to speak with an attorney directly, from the initial consultation until the final outcome, Mr. Thomas is accessible and ready to guide you throughout the entire process. Simply put, how can an attorney build the best case possibly if he doesn’t really know his client and what’s going on? Being able to speak directly with Mr. Thomas at all times accomplishes two things: 1) Mr. Thomas knows exactly what you’re going through, and when it comes time to fight for you, he’s fighting for a client he personally knows, not just another name on a file; and 2) You, the client, are educated and aware of exactly what is transpiring in your case. Thus, when it’s time to make the big decisions, Mr. Thomas and the Client are in-synch and ready to proceed in the direction that best suits the Client’s individual needs.

If You’ve Been Injured in an Accident

First: Get to a doctor if you haven’t already. Your health is the most important aspect and you need to keep in mind that what happened was the result of another person, and the bills should ultimately be covered.

Second: Call Mr. Thomas.  Don’t talk with the insurance company first, because despite what you think, they are not acting in your best interest. What may seem like a simple conversation is often something that could damage your case; and remember, insurance companies are always taking notes and/or recording what you say.

Third: Play investigator.  Make sure to take photos and detailed notes. Later on down the line these things could be pivotal in your case and it may be too late so, make certain that you gather as much evidence as possible.

Fourth: Relax, you’re being represented by one of the most passionate and aggressive attorneys in DFW.   There is truly no need to stress about the unknown, Mr. Thomas will handle it and educate, comfort, and guide you throughout the process.

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